Meditation on the mountains: easy hike to Marmarico's falls. | VIDEO |

Hello Internet,
I would like to share an experience of mine which has been really amazing.

I just came back from my summer vacation in Italy. I had an awesome time there.
It was super sunny and hot as usual, except for a few weeks, when my cousins from USA came too: in those two weeks, everyday the sky was crazy, with huge rainy clouds and thunders. But for the rest of the two months that I luckly spent there, the weather was beautiful.

I had a fantastic vacation with my family and friends. And, as private as I can be, I still would like to share a video of my hike to Marmarico's falls, in Calabria the real south of Italy. This year we had so much to do that we went for a single hike only. Never the less, it was amazing, even if the trail was quite short and easy. Once you arrive under the waterfalls the view leaves you without breath.

I summarized the complete hike in this video down below. Which, being a bit long, is kinda a meditation - relaxation - video. I put an amazingly peacefull soundtrack and together with the images I think it's preatty relaxing and gives you a ton of serenity (or at least that's what it gives me... and I love it).
I hope you may appreciate it too.

Have an awesome life!

2 commenti:

  1. L'italia è sempre piena di posti meravigliosi in ogni suo angolo più nascosto! Non conoscevo questa parte della Calabria,ma è davvero meravigliosa ^__^

    1. hai pienamente ragione. tutta l'italia è meravigliosa, ed in calabria ci sono tantissimi sentieri escursionistici fantastici e di vario livello di difficoltà, purtroppo però la maggior parte di essi quasi non sono neppure segnalati sulle mappe e sono poco pubblicizzati.
      comunque grazie per questo tuo bel commento! :)



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