My 2015 xmas make-up. ♡ Chic & Rock ♡

Hello people of internet

I want to show you the make-up I wear this Christmas! Pretty simple but still very strong. I just love bronze shades on my eyes. I think it's an awesome color for green-blueish eyes.
I totally love to wear this kind of makeup pretty much for every occasion, because I think it totally suit me. Chic and Rock! 

I started with MAC liquid liner richground and I used it as a eyeshadow base basically, plus I applied it also on the inferior part of the eyelid.

Then I applied the second of the light colors and the golden one from Lily Lolo's palette: the first on the inner corner of the eye, and the second one on top of richground.

I used a black gel eyeliner from Glossip, which is an awesome product and is also very cheap! It lasts for all the day (or the night).
To finish with the eyes I used on my eyelashes a benefit mascara "They're Real!" which on me is not such an amazing mascara... I don't prefer this kind of applier, so maybe that's why.

Then I used as a foundation one from Benecos (which I don't really like it to be honest therefore I don't advice to but it... like ever!) in a Nude shade. Mixed with my moisturizing BB cream is possible to apply this foundation easily (alone by itself is basically impossible to lay on your face!).
The BB cream I used is from an italian brand Pilogen Carezza and it's called BB cream BioLady, and I really love it, is gives to my skin an awesome winter protection being so moisturizing. It doesn't cover that much, but at least dimished the skin redness (which I think is the only thing a bb cream is suppesed to do, so not bad).

I used a blush from Neve Cosmetics called: ♡ Regina di Cuori 

To fixed everything on my face a powder from essence, all about matt, which is a nice fixing powder with a matt finish and that works perfectly for many hours.

On my lips I applied Inferno LipGloss from a benefit limited edition of few years back plus I tapped with my finger a bit of the same golden eyeshadow I applied on my eyelids from Lily Lolo's palette. 

So that's it! 

Thanks for reading!
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